Youtube a world beater

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Youtube a world beater: In today’s era Youtube a world beater when world runs online, no one is incognizant about the amazing video sharing platform -‘YouTube’ Limitless videos have been uploaded on the platform till now varying from Music, fashion, education, travel, cooking, movie trailers, news, etc. So Basically, YouTube is a platform where you have two kind of users; ones who create the videos and others who watch the videos. And Needless to say, you can create as well as watch videos on this platform.

What do you need to watch create videos on YouTube?

A Device say Computer or Laptop or Mobile Phone, a high-speed internet for streaming videos and a google account. With the advancement in technology now you can watch YouTube videos on your TV screen also. You just need to activate YouTube app on your TV and get set go. Well not all the Televisions support YouTube, you need to have a smart TV for that. But there are devices available in market like Amazon fire TV, Play Station 3 etc by the help of which you can activate YouTube on your TV even if it is not a Smart TV.

Who uses YouTube a world beater?

No doubt YouTube is most popular in younger generation because of the wide range of videos available but now even the older generation is making great use of it. Whatever interests you, you can find it here. Use it just for the entertainment purpose, use it for learning, use it to watch motivational videos, when you feel down, use it to watch religious shows; everything is available on this huge platform full of videos. So, YouTube is for everyone who have an access to computer/smartphone and an internet connection.

Can I access YouTube without creating an account?

Of course, Youtube a world beater you can watch videos without creating a YouTube account but to create your own video channel you need to have an account. Moreover, it is advisable to create an account even if you are never going to use it for uploading videos. There a lot of favors that you can have with an account while you watch videos on YouTube. Some of these are as follows:

  • You can get recommendations for videos to watch on your home page, matching up with your viewing history.
  • You can subscribe to your favorite channels only if you have your own YouTube account. Subscribing to a channel will easily lead you to their latest uploaded videos.
  • Logged-in with your account, you can receive notifications from channels whenever they upload new videos.
  • You can comment, like or subscribe only when you have your own YouTube account. This way you can support your favorite youtubers also.
  • YouTube keeps a track of your video viewing history but for this YouTube needs to know who is watching i.e. you must log-in
  • You can save videos to your account to watch them later.
  • You can create your own channel to upload videos and lots more. So go ahead, create a YouTube channel and make use of this wonderful platform to learn something or just to entertain yourself.

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