Why youtube tv is more popular and its history


YouTube TV video is one of the best creation by YouTube team which is very creative and supportive entertainment platform in this world many of the competitors wants to make that kind of platform but YouTube creation is unique which is the biggest platform in this world in comparison to Netflix and amazon prime video.YouTube has the biggest data collection in this world and the team is very creative in which is the biggest data control. It is an American over the top cannel which is the top internet services that offer live TV video-on-demand cloud-based for more than seventy-five Chanel or you can say televising network. It is created by YouTube and subsidiary of google product YouTube TV lineup so many channels in the US like  ABC, CBS, NBC, and so on. YouTube TV launches so many live TV telecasts in this word which is approx. 50 country. YouTube TV launches in the year 2017 began streaming in April 2017 in five U.S. markets – New York, Laos angels, Chicago after that launches all over the world after that add to national U.S. networks, YouTube TV broadcasts channels owned by those networks, their corporate players and other many media companies included CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC world news and so on also in 2017 YouTube added Fetchers  MLB network.

Why Youtube Tv Is More Popular And Its History

YouTube TV  prime customers also have access to So many original movies and web series although a YouTube subscription is not considered with YouTube TV. In that so many sports channels, Disney channels owned by the Walt Disney company. In 2017 YouTube got the biggest deal with MLB network and regional deals which is by Seattle sounders and Los angles FC of league soccer. During 2014 YouTube TV began carrying the time warner Owned turner broadcasting system with the help of cable networks including TNT, TBS, CNN and so on which is very supportive for cartoon networks also YouTube added channel NBA TV and MLB network. After that biggest jump during 2019 which is almost 98 percent covering US households at that time after that YouTube TV got the biggest jump on the worldwide platform during the 2019 march launches Glendive and Mantona which is mostly available in all TV market in united state. During April 2019 YouTube added 10 more popular channel which is a part of discovery which include discovery and travel channel plus food network. This helps to add-on more than 70 channels in a very short day.

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