ACTIVATE YouTube TV and become a YouTube influencer


ACTIVATE YouTube TV and become a YouTube influencer

Before uploading the video, make sure your account is verified. To confirm your account, go to You will need to enter a phone number to complete verification. Once this is done, YouTube will send a verification code by voice call or SMS. Once verified, you are all set to publish your first video content.

How to upload content on YouTube TV?

At the top of the YouTube, the screen is a camera-shaped icon and a + in the center. When you click there, you will see the option “Send video”. Click on this icon and a window will open for you to select the file. Choose the video you want to upload and wait. While the video is loading, you can now edit it in this upload status screen. On this screen, there are 3 editing tabs available: basic information, translations, and advanced settings:

Details – 

  • Put title, description, tags, and add to a playlist, if you have one.
  • After the video is processed, you can choose a pre-defined thumbnail or upload a custom image.
  • This step is very important, as this image will be the cover of your video. It is this image that will appear on your channel, in the search results, and also when someone shares your video on social networks.
  • Also indicate if there are any age restrictions, checking whether it can be shown to children or not.

Video elements – 

Here you can place interactive cards and a final screen to show viewers related videos, websites, and calls-to-action. You can complete this step after your video version has been processed.

Visibility – Choose visibility options from:

  • Public, where anyone can see.
  • Not listed when only people with the video link can see it.
  • Private, when the video can only be viewed by selected people or with YouTube channel login access.

After these initial settings, you can still use the advanced settings area.

Advanced Settings – In this tab, you will edit the following points:

  • Comment policy.
  • License and ownership of rights.
  • Distribution.
  • Caption certification.
  • Distribution options.
  • Age restrictions.
  • Category.
  • Video location.
  • Video language.
  • Community contributions.
  • Recording date.
  • Video statistics.
  • 3D video.
  • Content statement.

How to edit videos on YouTube TV?

After uploading the video, you can edit it. It is possible not only to change titles and descriptions but also to make cuts, use filters, and other actions. In addition, you can also divide it into chapters, making it easier to view tutorials. To do this, access the “Creator Studio” on the left panel of YouTube and click on “Videos”. On this screen, you will have an overview of all the videos that are on your channel. Click on "Details" right next to the video thumbnail. To access advanced settings, click on "Editor" on the left side menu. Using the options available in detail, editing, and captioning, you can make the following changes to the videos:

  • Information and settings – Edit the basic information, the same as you can do while the video is loading.
  • Improvements – Here you can make quick corrections (such as light, contrast, color, saturation), edit the speed of the video, apply filters, and blur effects.
  • Audio – To add a soundtrack to the video.
  • Cards – Cards are meant to add interactivity to videos. With cards, you direct viewers to a specific URL and show images, titles, and personalized Calls-to-Action.
  • Subtitles / CC – To insert subtitles or closed captions in your video.