YouTube on your tv allows you and your friends as well as your family to enjoy youtube videos on a larger screen directly from the comfort of your living room. The easiest way to watch YouTube on TV is to activate the YouTube app on your TV or video game console using tv, then access youtube videos with just a few clicks of your remote of your tv.

Steps On Activating Youtube On Your TV

1.Check For The Internet Connectivity Of Your Tv

The first step involves checking for the internet connectivity of your tv so that you can access the website. You can only watch youtube videos if your tv is connected to the internet. No internet access on tv means no youtube videos.

2.Power On Tv And Navigate To App

Now in the next step you have to power on your tv and find the youtube application which you need to activate. You will find the youtube app in the settings menu or the app list. If you aren't able to find it on your tv, You might need to refer to your tv's manual.Also you can download app from the app store of your tv and then activate it.

3.Select Sign In To Activate

Once You have located/installed the youtube app on your tv, You have to sign into the youtube application.The moment you click on sign in you are given a 8 digit alphanumeric code to activate the youtube services on your tv. Once you have the 8 digit code you are now ready for the next step in the activation process.

4.Go to tv

With the 8 digit code you can activate on your tv.Now you have to go to your computer or a mobile device and open tv on your web browser.

5.Sign Into Youtube

After landing on tv you will need to complete the sign in process.You need to sign into the google account that you want to use on your tv for youtube.Its very simple all you need is to follow the on screen instructions displayed on your computer or mobile device.

6.Allow Access To

If you have completed all the steps above successfully, All you have to do now is to allow access to the youtube. Once you allow access your Tv will sync with the google account and you will be able to enjoy youtube videos on your tv in no time.

7.Youtube Tv Activation Completed

Congratulations, You have successfully activated on your tv.You can now enjoy all that has to offer on your big screen tv.