Activate dark mode on YouTube

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In this technical world, we are forever strung-out to the screens say it computer screen, Activate dark mode on YouTube TV, Screen, laptop screen, phones screen or tablet screens. So much use of such gadgets can adversely affect our eyes as well as our overall health. On the top of it if you are stuck with your digital screens in low light backdrop, you are troubling your eyes like anything. And if you are mulling over what happens when you watch screens in dim lights? Well this is all because of blue light emitted from computer screens. Not only the eyes are affected but these lights cause brain cells to confuse with daylight resulting in mental wear out as well.

The enhanced vulnerability to blue light from the digital screens results in mental fatigue, eye strain and disturbed sleep cycles which are a serious threat for your health. Luckily these days the dark mode or night mode is widely used in various devices, and apps. Activating dark mode reduces the effect of blue light in the dark, dim light ambience and will build up a pretty good environment to watch videos or to read the content in the low light environment. This blog is dedicated to the YouTube followers who love to watch videos despite of the set up around them. So let’s discover how to activate YouTube Dark Mode in various browsers.

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How to enable YouTube Dark Mode

You cannot just always see a direct option to enable Dark Mode. In YouTube it is hidden but altering some settings you can activate Dark Mode and watch videos without straining your eyes. It is really soothing to look at Dark Mode during low light set up.

This blog post demonstrates how to activate Dark Mode for YouTube on various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge browser.

Well a verified account has one more pretty good advantage i.e you can upload a video of more than 15 minutes from a verified account.

Enable dark mode on YouTube in Chrome browser

  • Open YouTube in Google Chrome browser.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+I or just press F12 both these options will lead to the developer’s menu.
  • Here in the developer’s menu, search for Console button and click, then enter the following code and Hit Enter.
  • If want to activate dark mode login in to your account, just go to to Settings on the general YouTube Page and click on the Dark Mode option.
  • Switch On/Off the option to Activate Dark Mode on Youtube.
  • Upon activating the Dark Mode you will see a soothing warm low-light YouTube page to search for your favorite videos.

Dark mode on YouTube in Firefox browser

  • Open YouTube and sign-in to your YouTube account in Firefox browser.
  • Go to Tools and Hit Web Developer.
  • As you enter in Web developer mode, click on Web Console and enter the following code.
  • Further go to your profile in YouTube and look for the Dark Mode option.
  • Toggle the Dark Mode option to enable.

Enable dark mode on YouTube in Opera browser

  • Enter the YouTube web address and open YouTube in Opera Browser. Sign-in to your account.
  • Go to View option and then click on Show Developer Tools panel.
  • Then after go to Developer and Hit Developer Tools button.
  • Enter the following code in the console-
  • Close the panel. You need to refresh the page to activate Dark Mode in YouTube.

Activate dark mode on YouTube in Microsoft Edge browser

  • Open YouTube in your Microsoft Edge browser. Sign-in with your username and password
  • Press Fn+F12 key to open Developer Tools in Edge browser
  • Click on to Console button and enter the following code
  • Hit Enter after typing the code. Further refresh the page to activate Dark Mode in YouTube.

Now just sit back, relax and watch YouTube videos wherever and whatever kind of light set up you are in. Activate Dark Mode and Love YouTube even when you love your eyes more.

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