What Is The Difference Between Youtube Premium And Youtube Tv?


YouTube expanded its vision. First, the ads at the beginning of the videos became more difficult to miss. Then, the company started placing ads in the middle of the videos, which, most of the time, displeased the user. And now it is possible to watch videos without any ads, but for that, it is necessary to subscribe to the premium version. In addition to this advantage, there are other perks for premium YouTube subscribers. In addition to this service, there is also a cable TV service. Do you know what the differences are between YouTube Premium and YouTube TV?

If you like the basic YouTube platform but would like to have fewer ads, YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) offers an ad-free experience. YouTube TV, on the other hand, offers live TV broadcasting, aiming to compete with services in this field, and with television itself. The two services are fundamentally different, but are they worth your money?

YouTube Premium

The premium version of YouTube has a monthly affordable cost, after a 30-day free trial, and allows members to watch their favorite videos without ads. Besides, the premium subscriber can also download videos for offline viewing, listen to audio in the background with the regular app or the YouTube Music app, and has access to exclusive content on YouTube and YouTube Music. The original content you receive with YouTube Premium includes scripted programming, reality, documentary, and animation, as well as content featuring some of YouTube’s most popular personalities. 

If you upgrade to YouTube Premium, your new features will work across the entire family of YouTube services, including YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, and YouTube TV. While Premium can be accessed via the web and the app, features like offline play and background play are limited to mobile apps. Rented or purchased movies and TV shows, paid channel subscriptions and related bonus material are not compatible with YouTube Premium. If you buy or rent movies on YouTube, you may still see ads or promotions.

YouTube TV

The service costs a little extra than YouTube Premium. While it may seem expensive, YouTube TV is a robust streaming service, aimed at cable subscribers. The service includes cable network streaming and live streaming from local affiliates, along with original YouTube content. There is currently no original content exclusive to YouTube TV. It allows the subscriber to have access to the live programming of the four main broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox), as well as popular sports networks, news, and entertainment based on location, such as AMC, BBC America, BBC World News, Disney Channel, ESPN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. AMC Premiere, Showtime, Starz, and NBA League Pass channels can be included in the package at additional costs. And most networks offer some content on demand.

YouTube TV also can share the service with six users at once, in addition to the unlimited functionality of the cloud DVR. You can watch YouTube TV on Android and iOS devices, Google Chrome cast, and Apple Airplay. The service is also compatible with Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, and many smart TV brands. Despite the broad scope of the service, it still has some shortcomings. YouTube TV is not available on Amazon Fire TV. However, YouTube TV subscribers have access to YouTube originals. YouTube TV does not offer YouTube Premium without ads, but if you subscribe to YouTube TV and YouTube Premium, YouTube videos watched on YouTube TV will be ad-free.

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