YouTube on Xbox


Watch diversely varied videos ranging from music to gaming, Bollywood to Hollywood, cookery to fashion, education to technology, you name it and its related content is on tap on this amazing video sharing platform known as YouTube. And this aggregation of irresistible content is available through YouTube on Xbox Live as well. Xbox Live is the online assisting aid for Xbox One. With an Xbox Live account, you can relish the games, apps, movies, TV shows and more on your TV. Out of these apps which Xbox Live offers one is YouTube.

How to use YouTube app on your Xbox device?

To start with the process you need to have some prerequisites, make sure you possess all of these. Check the list below:

  • Xbox Live Account: Make sure you are logged-in with your Xbox Live account. If you do not have one, create it.
  • Storage Space: Your device must have the available storage space of 83Mb or more
  • Internet: High-speed Internet is required for video streaming

How to Download the YouTube app to stream videos?

To enjoy the YouTube videos on your Xbox you need to have YouTube application installed on your Xbox. Follow the step below to get the Youtube app on your Xbox device.

  1. Sign in on you Xbox Live account
  2. Navigate to apps, and then you can choose either Browse Apps or Search Apps.
  3. Correspondingly browse or search for YouTube.
  4. Select YouTube, and further select Confirm Purchase to start with its download and installation. Once the app is downloaded, it will automatically open, and you can now browse and watch your favorite video content.

If you want to start YouTube later, simply go to My Apps, and there you will find YouTube.

Also if you already possess a YouTube account and you have your favorites subscribed there or you have your personal playlist you can access these also. Just sign-in with your username and password and enjoy your favorites at ease.

How to Sign in to your YouTube account?

  1. Log in on your Xbox device.
  2. In the My Apps section of your device you can find the YouTube app.  Select YouTube.
  3. Upon clicking YouTube app, hit sign-in and further select ‘Get started’
  4. Copy down the code that YouTube provides you on this screen.
  5. Take some other device say your laptop or smart phone, open its web browser and visit Here you will be asked to sign-in with your youtube credentials.
  6. Type the code that you copied earlier and click Continue.
  7. Hit ‘Accept’ to permit the YouTube app to connect to your You Tube account.

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