Three Ways To Watch Youtube Videos On Youtube Tv


The most popular video application on the Internet is YouTube TV; the platform has a large number of online content creators that in many situations, especially among the youngest, have superseded traditional television. The application is available on all devices, even on Smart TV; the problem comes when you do not have an Internet connection to watch the videos. For this situation, there are different alternatives with which to prevent us from not consuming our favorite content. We show you the three methods that we can use if we are going to be without an Internet connection for some time.

YouTube Go, the best option to watch videos

The large company Google has a multitude of applications to its credit, many of them with a lighter version for devices with limited resources. The Go versions are designed for this type of smart phones or tablets, but within YouTube Go we find a possibility that does not exist within the standard version, at least without paying. It is about the possibility of downloading the videos we want within the YouTube library, allowing us to access the app when we do not have internet, go to our library and be able to watch the videos without noticing any difference.

YouTube Premium, the payment option

With the arrival of paid subscriptions to YouTube, several new features were introduced, among which we also find advantages to contact our favorite content creators, even the possibility of downloading videos in maximum resolution to watch them when we do not have an Internet connection. As with the previous alternative, we can choose to download the videos and store them in the library, to later access and be able to reproduce them without any problem, in addition to that with this option we will have other advantages such as that there will be no ads that interrupt us.

Download your videos externally

Although within the Play Store itself we are obviously not going to find other options to download YouTube videos, on the web we find other options that may be equally valid. The first of the options is called Tube Mate, an application that works as if it was a browser and from which we will be able to search and download all the platform videos. The next option is called Snap tube; with a very similar operation to the previous application we will be able to choose our favorite videos to download them in different formats and allowing us to see them later from the gallery of our mobile or tablet.

These functions are little known and used by users, since now Internet connections are more widespread and upload speeds have reached the 5G standard. In any case, it is a very useful possibility for when we are going to take a trip by plane or train, situations where we cannot use our Internet connection in the best way.

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