How To Connect Your Youtube Tv By Using Smartphone


Method of connecting your smart youtube tv with your phone in this blog we will discuss how to connect your smart tv in that youtube application present so how to control that application with your smartphone and some news related to Corona Virus.

Go on your smart tv open youtube application then the open setting section in that you saw tv code after that copy that code and enter that code in your phone youtube application go there and open setting login with the same id and enter that code there now your youtube tv connected to your phone.connecting youtube tv is very simple and if you need more support then open youtube application then search how to connect youtube tv after that watch that video and try to connect. go on this link and try to connect if you are a user of a laptop or PC same rule follow.

Youtube provides you with so many interesting video content like tech, movies, tv serials,news, and all. 

The worldwide pandemic caused by the Corona Virus has become an unprecedented threat to human existence. There is hardly any crisis in the world created after the Second World War, which has defeated many of the superpowers, including the developing countries, America and Europe. The prevalence of this crisis is so high that it cannot be seen to be limited to any geography and country. Governments around the world are trying to deal with the crisis in their way, But all governments have had to agree unanimously that the issue of public health is above all other concerns and now a collective intervention is needed.

Steps towards making fundamental rights

This is the right time when we should start thinking about steps to make health a fundamental right at the global level. The biggest obstacle in this path comes with the thinking that health is a person's matter and he is personally responsible for any health-related problem. Such argumentative groups are often seen saying that the state or government can intervene a little in matters like health, but ultimately it is the personal responsibility of a person and he should bear the expenses for fixing it. It is also said that the government does not have enough resources to make health a fundamental right. Apart from this, the economy and other sectors come in the concern and priority of the government or the state.

These things came out from the current crisis

But the current crisis has shown how well the economy and other sectors that are in priority of the government are connected with the health of the people. In other words, if health is neglected to the people, then other areas will also be affected by it and their progress will also be affected. The situation around the world is confirming this Fear of deteriorating health of people in America, China and Italy have stalled key units of industry and service sectors associated with the economy. Everyday economic activities have also come to a standstill due to the shutdown of common people in their homes. The current crisis has also shown that the lower middle class and upper-middle-class health preferences are no different. All affect each other.

Need for a shared and coordinated approach

The spread of coronavirus has shown that a shared and coordinated approach to health concerns needs to be taken forward. In this case, there should be no difference in the understanding of developing countries and developed countries, because epidemics like Coronavirus have not discriminated on the level of infection. It has affected all countries and highlighted the deficiencies in health infrastructure in all countries. However, these drawbacks are more or less in different countries.

People facing a problem they don’t know how to pass there a time during the lockdown, in that case, I suggest watching a movie,tv, reading, making new food and all which is available on youtube application.

Youtube provides you many foods making a video so go and connect youtube tv by using your phone and watch all that interesting video on your smart tv with the help of youtube tv.