Get invaluable Tips to get Youtube.com/activate playing YouTube in PlayStation 3, play station 4, Roku, Kodi, Xbox One, SmartTV, appletv etc. Go to Youtube.com/activate ps3 and input from the activation code displayed on your Screen after selecting a sign in option. Also take advice to activate youtube com on Roku by visiting www.os4youtube.com/activate

Youtube.com/activate on Ps3

Installing the Program

  • On the XMB, visit [TV/Video Services] > [My Stations ]
playstation 1
  • Highlight the YouTube
playstation 2
  • You requested to Download the YouTube app.
playstation 3
  • The program will Download and install.
playstation 4
  • The program will automatically establish and also you can begin To love YouTube.
playstation 5

Register / Activate

You May sign-in to a YouTube account to see your Subscriptions, uploads, playlists, likes and more.

  • Proceed to”Login & Settings” and select”Sign In” and press the [X] button.
playstation 6
  • You’ll be incited to go to www.youtube.com/actuate to join your YouTube account with all the PS3 YouTube application. Make certain never to leave this screen otherwise the code will soon not be valid.
playstation 7
  • On the PC, head to www.youtube.com/activate, and enter the code and then click”Continue”.
playstation 8
  • Click “Allow access” to continue.
playstation 9
  • You might be given a confirmation show.
playstation 10