What is youtube tv, what channels does it offer, how does it work?


When people watch TV, they tune in to live sports, breaking news, serials, dramas, and many other different types of programs. While there are a ton of content to choose from, there are limitations on how you can watch it. You simply cannot watch TV when you want and on any screen without a contract. And you certainly don’t always have access to sophisticated TV features like the DVR. YouTube TV is trying to change that.

What channels are on YouTube TV?

Google officially told that the initial formation of “more than 40 networks” includes CBS, Fox, NBC, and CBS, in addition to the US and FX cable players. There are a total of 10 sports networks available, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBCSN. Local affiliates will also be included, so you can watch the news from the same channels that they usually air. Also, to live TV from major networks, YouTube TV includes unlimited DVR storage in the cloud. With this feature, you can even add a sports program or team to your favorites, and it will automatically save them for you. Your cloud DVR records as many programs as you want simultaneously, without using data or space on the phone. Google said it stores each of its recordings for nine months. 

Available on all your screens

The YouTube TV mobile app works on Android and iOS. With it, you can watch YouTube TV on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also cast to your TV with an internal Google Chrome cast or Chrome cast TV. YouTube TV also works with the Google Home page, allowing you to ask the Home page to play a program on your Chrome cast. And finally, there is the YouTube TV app for real big-screen TVs. The mobile app has a “cast” button available at the top, so you can play a video on Chrome cast or a compatible TV. The mobile app features only three main screens: live, library, and home. But it also has a universal search, allowing you to search for content by genre, network, and categories. If you choose to search for a series, you’ll see a page with all episodes.

· To live: Live shows what is currently being broadcast by the networks, with live views of the content of each channel. Just tap to start playing. To record something to watch later, touch a plus icon in the preview. When watching in portrait mode, you’ll see recommendations at the bottom or you can flip your phone over the landscape to enter full screen.

· Library: The library shows everything you’ve recorded and everything scheduled to be recorded on your DVR.

· House: The house is like what you see on YouTube. It will show you what you’ve watched recently, as well as recommendations based on what you’ve watched so far, and you’ll see things you may have stopped and want to keep playing.

· Support: You can contact customer service through the YouTube TV app at any time, via text or voice chat.

Is this different from YouTube Red?

YouTube TV is a separate product from YouTube Red, a service launched by Google in 2015 as a way to offer an ad-free YouTube experience. YouTube Red features some original programming. However, with a YouTube TV subscription, you can watch YouTube Red Original series and movies using the new YouTube TV app. unfortunately, you do not receive YouTube without ads with YouTube TV. YouTube TV costs $ 40 a month without a contract. This means that you can cancel at any time. Google said that up to six users can access the content whenever they want – and each has access to their recommendations and DVR storage in the personal cloud.

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