Watch Youtube Tv On Your Smart Tv With The Help Of Your Phone


Today most of the world are lockdown due to COVOID-19 so in that case, almost all entertainment platform is closed down like cinema hall, mostly all film shooting closed, new tv serial shooting are closed.

Mostly all small back camera acting player life comes in danger due to lockdown. People don’t have any idea about that how and when solving this kind of problem plus they don’t have any idea how to pass there time under the home so in that case, I suggested some useful methods and settings to pass there a time during the lockdown.

Watch a movie on youtube because youtube has the biggest data storage platform in the world or you can say youtube has the number one movie, tv serial, news, cricket, and all data storage platform.

Most people want to watch a movie on a big screen in that case I suggest watch all that movie and tv serial on smart tv with the help of youtube tv. Youtube provides a setting in your phone and smart tv in that you can connect smart tv through your smartphone example:- If you want to watch youtube songs or any kind of program you don’t want to go near to your tv so what steps you follow to control your youtube through your smartphone by using a remote-control method.

How to connect your youtube application with your smart tv to phone?

Step 1: First you need to open your phone and register youtube if you have already a youtube account, Gmail, or Google account then no need to register just go and login with the help of login id and password. After that go on your smart tv and open youtube tv application and open setting section and get a code that helps you to connect that to your smartphone.

Step 2: Open your phone application in that go right-hand corner open that and opt setting method then enter that code in your phone which is reflected in your smart tv. By using this method your phone is connected to your tv now you can enjoy all video on the big screen.

How to connect your youtube tv smartphone with the laptop, PC?

In this open your laptop and after that open web browser like chrome or internet explorer after that go on the link, this link then login youtube after that go on setting where you saw a tv code then copy that code.

Next step open your phone device after that open phone application In that go on setting section which is mostly right-hand top of the corner present go there and enter that code in tv code section then try to connect after that enjoy a full program by remote control method. Sometimes code is not acceptable than in that case refresh the browser and generates a new code.

Sometimes your browser is connected with two tv source codes in that case disconnect one and try to connect the new one. 


Youtube provides a month free trial for the prime customer and after that, if you want to increase subscription then you have to pay a small amount which is available on site.

If you want to purchase a youtube subscription then you need to opt payment method which is payable by debit card, credit card, net banking and so many other methods like UPI and wallet.

You have to fill that data first during free purchasing after one month if you want to continue then you have to pay otherwise cancel that purchase.


A) Sometimes your system not working due to more load, in that case, remove some files from your phone if your phone memory full if not in that case you have to open your security software and scan once your device then checks again.

B) Sometimes your system not responding due to server Maintenance then, in that case, wait some time and open again.

C) So many times internet connection much slower in that case open your internet speedometer and check internet connection working or not.