Watch YouTube on your TV


YouTube is an incredible platform to watch videos of any kind. Whatever interests you food, fashion, technology, music, news you can find everything here. Even to students and teachers the education videos are helping like anything. Not only watch, you can comment, like and share the videos you like. But just wonder why to screw up your eyes watching the videos on your phone’s pocket-sized screen when you can watch them on a big TV screen. When you watch Phone screen or laptop screen; the distance between the eyes and the screen is so less that it strains eyes to an extent affecting it adversely. So it is always better to watch Youtube videos on big screen of your TV due to which nowadays everybody is opting for a smart TV. Watching a YouTube video on your TV screen by all odds makes the experience much better as compared to a Phone or Computer/laptop screen.

With the most advanced Smart TVs available in the market, one can easily connect YouTube to your Smart TV in no time. Quickly run through the blog and activate Youtube on your smart TV seamlessly.

Activating YouTube on Smart TVs

Before you buy a new smart TV; ensure that the TV model supports YouTube application. There are smart models in the market which do not support the YouTube so ask the vendor before buying the smart TV. Activating YouTube on a Smart TV is quite simple and hassle free. There is a built-in You-tube app in smart TVs. Follow the steps mentioned below to get it activated.

  1. Switch on your TV and open YouTube app which is preinstalled there
  2. Hit the Gear icon on left
  3. Sign-in
  4. You will be provided with an 8-digit code on the screen. Stay on this screen
  5. Access from some other device say laptop or phone.
  6. Sign-in using your Google account username and password
  7. Enter the 8 digit code that have been provided to you by YouTube on your TV screen
  8. Click ‘Allow access’

If you do not own a smart TV there are devices with the help of which you can get your YouTube running on your TV. Some such devices are Roku, Play Station3, Xbox one, Kodi etc. YouTube can nearly be activated by the same process mentioned above for all these devices as well. There are two main points that you have to keep in mind

  • The 8 digit code provided by the app on device/TV synced with your Google account is the key to have YouTube on your big TV screen
  • is the only link that will be helping you to carry through YouTube on your TV by any means.

Now you are all ready to savor the videos of your choice on your Smart TV. Feast your eyes with the latest trending videos on YouTube application on your TV.