How to link youtube premium account with the youtube kids app


YouTube kids is an app by YouTube itself which is planned to make small children enjoy the videos made-to-order for them. The best thing with this kids’ app is parents can restrict the searches and also they can set a time limit for the kids to be on screen. If you are a premium member; you can avail the benefits of YouTube premium membership on YouTube Kids app as well. Some such benefits are :-

  • Stream videos without the interruption of paid advertisementss
  • Videos can be downloaded under premium membership account
  • Let the video play in the background while you are using other apps on your device.

So by the help of this blog you can easily link the YouTube kids app on your device with your premium membership:

How to Link Youtube Premium account with the YouTube kids app

To activate your Premium membership benefits on the YouTube Kids app, follow the steps below:

  1. At the bottom of the page in the app; you can see a lock icon. Tap on the same
  2. Enter your custom passcode or just enter the numbers you can see on the screen
  3. Further Select ‘Settings’
  4. Now Hit ‘Activate YouTube Premium’.
  5. If you are not already signed in with your YouTube premium membership account; add YouTube premium account credentials and log-in. Also keep a note of it that this account will now be available for all the Google apps on this device.
  6. Now choose the option ‘Send parental consent email’
  7. You will then receive an email message from YouTube kids app. Check your mail and you will find a verification code in this.
  8. Go back to the YouTube Kids app and type the verification code you received on your email into the YouTube Kids app.

YouTube Premium membership benefits will now be available to be employed in the YouTube Kids app on this device. As you finish with the above steps, you’ll be reminded by the app to enable offline videos and also to select the number of videos you want to store. You can finish the setup by tapping on ‘Done’.

You can also keep a check on the status of your YouTube Premium membership any time under the parental settings of the YouTube Premium section.

How to remove YouTube Premium benefits from the YouTube Kids app

If you wish to remove YouTube Premium benefits from the YouTube Kids app, or simply switch the account used to access YouTube Premium member benefits, follow the below steps:

  1. Look for the Lock icon on the bottom of the app page and tap on it.
  2. Enter the number that appear on the screen or just enter your custom passcode.
  3. Go to the ‘Settings’ .
  4. Under settings; click YouTube Premium account.
  5. Now click ‘Remove from app’.

This will remove every connection between the YouTube kids’ app and account’s YouTube Premium membership on this device. Mark that other Google apps on this device may still be using this account.

You can still activate YouTube Premium membership benefits again on the YouTube kids’ app using any account which owns a YouTube Premium membership.

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