How To Bring Your Phone Screen To Youtube Tv


Modern technologies allow you to control your TV using applications on smartphones. Moreover, modern developers and manufacturers of TVs are not limited exclusively to the functionality of the remote control. Users have the ability to display smartphone content on a TV screen.

What do you need to get started? The most popular option is to connect via a wireless network, as this allows you to download and install various programs on your TV. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular TV control software products, YouTube, TV as well as connecting your phone to your TV.

How to connect a smartphone and a TV device

Controlling your TV from your phone is quite simple. This requires a wireless connection. Moreover, both devices are connected to the same network. Synchronization settings are made through direct activation of Wi-Fi Direct, or a router. If your TV does not have Wi-Fi, you can connect it via cable.

Before you can proceed with the YouTube TV settings, make sure of the following:

  • Phone and TV are the same network
  • The router has UPnP mode enabled.
  • The firewall is configured correctly.
  • If all of the above is observed, there should not be any problems with connecting the device.

TV Remote Control

This program is a universal TV remote control via a phone, that is, it allows you to control a TV of any model using your mobile phone. Through YouTube TV app, you can also control your TV channel without using cable network.

Using the application for a mobile phone, you can control the numeric keypad (for example, to search for the desired content on the Internet), switch channels on the TV from the phone and change the sound settings. The software product is downloaded in the public domain, so from time to time various advertisements will appear.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Another interesting option for controlling your TV from YouTube TV smart phone app is the interface. As for the functionality, it almost completely repeats the set of commands of other applications. You can switch between channels, use the numeric keypad, increase or decrease the sound.

Before starting, you must select one of the proposed connection modes. As with most other apps on this topic, banner ads will appear from time to time. You cannot disable them, since there is no paid version.

TV Assistant

YouTube TV is a universal app and works with most modern TV models. You can download the program through Google Play. A short instruction manual is offered immediately upon start-up. If you already know how to use the app, you can skip this step.

To connect to TV, you need to go to the Remote control section. It will take just a few minutes. The application offers a user-friendly interface. All buttons are in place.

The advantages of this virtual console include support for all versions of the Android OS, and the absence of advertisements. The software is completely free. File exchange is offered, you can connect via a QR code. In general, the program leaves a pleasant user experience.

Android TV Remote Control

The YouTube TV app is used to control TV from Android phone. Before the first launch, you need to connect the TV to a Wi-Fi network. Further, after launch, the user grants all the necessary permissions, including access to multimedia. From the list of devices, you must select the appropriate TV and you can start using the remote control.

The features of the application include security, localization, and technical support from Google. Controlling your TV from your Android phone with this application is easy and simple.

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