How to activate YouTube app on TV android


In 2005, when the YouTube app introduced, it is only available on PCs. But now you can play YouTube on PCs, laptops, android TV, tablet, and mobile phone, smart TVs. Sometimes YouTube on smart TV can be organized, that's why YouTube organizes watch on TV. It's an amazing feature of YouTube to control its experience on any device. We will discuss how we control easily our YouTube app on android. Connect a TV with a phone or tablet through the network by network. If you are unable to find your chrome cast icons. Select watch on TV option. Select the name of the TV option and link it.

If you are still confused, then you can launch YouTube on your television. Navigate the setting of your YouTube channel on the left side and select the TV code now on your mobile phone. Tap on the account icon on our mobile phone. Select settings and watch on tv option. Then select the option of TV code. Once you type your TV code that is showing on your television. Then select one link option. Now your TV connects to your mobile phone.

How to activate YouTube app on TV android

You can control YouTube in your TV wirelessly through WIFI in your phone or any other mobile using a smart TV or any of the supported devices like -  Smart TVs with the YouTube app, Android TV, Google TV, All set-top boxes or cable boxes with the YouTube app installed, etc.  If your TV connected to your WIFI network and has a YouTube app installed, then your TV is a Smart TV! However, if your TV is NOT a smart TV, consider getting a Chrome cast.  Some Smart TVs can connect to the internet via a wired Ethernet.

In case your TV doesn't support mirroring, you can always connect devices like Chrome cast icon on YouTube to cast all content from your Smartphone to your TV or you can simply follow all these steps when you connect the smartphone to the TV

  • Select Menu from the remote controller.
  • Choose YouTube App
  • Sign in your account
  • Now go to your computer or laptop web browser.
  • Go to
  • Your account will be displayed. If you have more than one account chooses which to use while connecting with your TV.
  • Now type in the code section displayed on TV Screen.
  • YouTube TV tells you that you are going to control and manage the account.
  • You are connected to YouTube on your TV.
  • So now you can enjoy all playlists, favorites, uploads, or history from your computer or laptop.

Watch all your favorite high-quality YouTube videos on the big screen with a Samsung or any Smart TV. You can also find the videos you’re looking for using the voice command function on the One Remote Control. So, for those models, you are unable to perform the actions of activating the function of YouTube on TV.

Do you want to know how to connect your PC with TV? Then type on Google Then type your TV code. Once you enter your TV code shown on your TV. Now click on add this TV button. After that, select has done. Our TV connects with our PC. After connection, you can control YouTube experience on your TV using your phone or PC. Now you can enjoy your favorite live on TV easily.  If you face any issue, you can connect with us and share your query through this blog. We are always ready to help you solve your query.

The list of channels appeared in front of your tv screen. You can scroll down and check the list of channels. Play anyone from them you like. You can control it through your mobile phone in an easy way. If you use android tv and want to watch your favorite movies in HD quality through YouTube. Open up YouTube application on your television. Complete the signing process on any device like PC, laptop, and mobile phone to tv where you want to connect. If you want to connect it to the mobile phone, make sure your Wifi connection is on both on mobile and tv. In the above, guide you through the whole process as well.