How to connect youtube tv on smart tv: Today most people stay at home due to COVID-19 no one imagines this kind of problem upcoming in life. So, in that case, no one has any idea about isolation or you can say no one has any idea how to control this kind of problem. According to activate youtube tv on smart tv me, there are so many methods to pass our time during lockdowns like watching TV, Cooking, dancing, Indore game and all.

Indoor games are more useful to pass the time like card game, ludo, little kitty cricket game, and reading books is also useful to pass the time, but this method only helps the book reader.

Compared to all apps, YouTube ranking is first compared to others like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and all others.

How to connect your smartphone with smart tv?

Prime Video and Netflix only have drama series and movie content, but activating YouTube TV on Smart TV has huge data collection compared to others because there are many serial TV shows, old and new movie songs and all collections. You can say that YouTube saves almost every video and audio collection.

Youtube is the most popular app because all the content like watching movies, tv series and all live news channels are available if you are interested, cricket videos, ping smart play videos, south movies and all these content available on youtube to watch.

Most people want to watch all these videos on the big screen, so in this case YouTube brings a nice app already available on Smart TV where you can connect your TV using your phone remote control. What’s the best part of activation? youtube tv on smart tv in the next paragraph i will teach you how to connect youtube tv to smart tv via your smartphone?

How to connect your pc youtube with your phone?

A code is available in your YouTube app to connect your device through the TV. Open the YouTube app and go to the dot in the right corner and open the settings panel. TV with your phone. Go and look at this code, after that open your phone device and open YouTube app again. Go to the right corner, open settings and enter this code on the phone. Now we are ready to watch the YouTube show on TV.

Go and open a YouTube link from website. After that, open a code available in your YouTube app that will help to connect your device via laptop. Open YouTube app and go to settings option where you need to log into your YouTube account with the help of Gmail account login ID and password which is the same for YouTube, Google and Gmail. Then get the tv code by using this code operated by us a tv with your phone search this code then open your phone device open youtube app again then go to right corner of open setting and enter Enter this code on the phone. Now we can control all this from your phone device app.

How to register or login youtube TV?

In this case, there are so many methods available on the YouTube site link, but if you have a google account or gmail account, you don’t need to sign up additionally for this, but if you don’t have a gmail account or If you have a Google account, then you need to register in order to log in and watch YouTube videos about it.

How to watch special prime movies and videos on youtube?

Open the YouTube account and then open the payment option. Then click on Manage payment method. Then click Manage payment method.

How to protect the security of your youtube account?

In order to ensure the safety of your YouTube account, please click the setting method, select the settings according to your method, and if you have an antivirus program on your device, please scan your device once. Google requires you to verify your address before we can send payments to anyone.

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