A brief details on youtube tv


Google launched a new service, YouTube TV. The idea is a television platform with live transmission – not streaming movies and series on demand, such as Netflix – where users can watch what they want, where they want and whenever they want. Everything is controlled by a mobile application but can be watched by several devices connected to YouTube apps/websites. It is only necessary to have an internet connection.

How did it work?

To use YouTube TV, each user will need to have an account, controlled through an app. In it, you can configure your preferences, watch what you want and transmit any programming to other devices, such as televisions The YouTube TV app is compatible with Android and iOS and can be broadcast on all Chrome cast compatible devices. YouTube TV will cost the US $ 35 per month and the user will be able to cancel anytime he wants, without annual bonds and fines. This value includes six accounts for different users: six people can share the same subscriptionYouTube TV has famous channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Disney Channel, National Geographic, FX, and many others, as well as variations such as EPSN, ESPN 2 and ESPN 3. In total, there are more than 40 options. There is also the possibility to pay more to have extra content, such as Showtime.

Infinite storage

The idea is for the user to watch what they want, whenever they want. For this, the search giant has developed a feature that allows all broadcast content to be recorded. That way, if you are not in a good position to watch a football match, you can record and watch later. This feature is already available by many cable TV operators, but the novelty is because it is not necessary to do this operation by the television set, it is done by cell phone, anywhere. Also, Google offers infinite storage space in the cloud.

What is the difference between a normal cable TV?

Cable TVs are more limited. They are not controlled by the application, they do not offer a particular experience for each person who uses them (the same subscription), nor unlimited storage of recordings. YouTube TV offers a very different service from YouTube Red. The latter is a version of YouTube as we know it, but without ads and with original and exclusive content. The TV app, on the other hand, brings content from television stations for an experience similar to “on-demand”. However, Google says that TV subscribers will have access to exclusive content on YouTube Red, although advertisements continue.

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