Top 10 video editor for YouTube TV content creators in 2020


Top 10 video editor for YouTube TV content creators in 2020

Currently, YouTube TV is one of the best platforms for publishing and watching videos, whether for something more casual or even for more serious projects. There you find a huge audience that is always willing to try new content, as long as it is relevant. It is clear that with so many quality videos, it is necessary to offer a good quality from the beginning. It also includes a well-done edition. The good news is that there are many video editors for YouTube TV, even if you don't have a lot of experience in that area yet. 

Movavi – 

To start our list of video editors for YouTube TV, we have Movavi as the first suggestion and without a doubt the best choice. This software can be downloaded for free. It offers very powerful tools for you to edit and add music to your videos. With it, you can also create filters, change contrast, or insert slides. Another good news is that Movavi was created for those who have little knowledge of video editing, making it easy to learn everything about it and make a professional video easily.

Wave. Video – 

Ideal for social media and YouTube, Wave. Video allows you to create videos in an agile way. You can either use ready-made templates of the application or upload your recordings and work with the elements made available by the program. It has become more popular in recent years, especially because it offers so many editing tools. Other than that, it is very light and works easily on any type of PC. The software can also help you record your PC screen or capture images from your webcam. It helps to create videos for your YouTube channel.

Any Video Converter –

You have likely heard of Any Video Converter, considering that it is a little older and well known. It can be used for more basic edits, but it turns out to be even better if you need software to convert your videos. It has support for dozens of different file formats and can even help you transfer videos directly to YouTube. Considered as the best option among the pro content creators on youtube, this video maker is a blessing. Its name indicates the video conversion feature right away, but it has a lot more to offer. The software also has several editing tools and is very easy to learn. It has a simple interface, supports multiple video formats, and is fast even on older computers. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC – 

Adobe's Premiere Pro CC is one of the most robust programs on the market when it comes to video editing. It is not recommended for beginners, offering a professional interface, but not very intuitive. With it you can make adjustments to audio, video, cuts, and even work with effects in conjunction with Adobe After Effects. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is not free, but it is worth it for more advanced users in the field. Other than that, it can be synchronized with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing access to your projects through other devices. 

I-Movie – 

IMovie is the native video editing program for Apple devices, such as iOS smartphones or Mac OS computers. It usually comes installed on the devices, bringing a practical and easy to use interface. IMovie allows its users to make cuts, transition effects, audio adjustments, and more, being one of the best video editors for YouTube.

Conclusion – 

After activating YouTube TV on your smart TV, you can edit the videos from your PC or Mobile, and watch it from YouTube TV. Or, you can download any YouTube TV video editor directly to your smart TV. But, for that, you will need to jailbreak your Smart TV system.