Activate YouTube TV and know the advantage for Youtubers in 2020?


Activate YouTube TV and know the advantage for Youtubers in 2020?

With the advent of technology, now we can enjoy watching YouTube on our smart TV. Not so long ago, YouTube TV has arrived to change the way we watch any audiovisual production. The YouTube content creators know that the company is serious and is focused on growth. Therefore, it invests heavily in producers that reach a certain number of subscribers. In order to motivate Youtubers more and more, the platform created levels of benefits for each group of producers. The categories offer specific and differentiated advantages for each of these groups.

Benefit Levels for YouTube Creators – 

YouTube's idea is that the platform works like television, where there are several channels available to watch. The difference is that the content of these channels is produced by the users themselves, which provides an incredible variety of content. There are hundreds of films on the platform, documentaries, music, videos, live broadcasts, courses, events, etc. YouTube invests heavily to improve the production of content that is displayed on its platform. One of the most interesting platforms is YouTube TV. Activate YouTube TV on your smart TV with these simple following steps: 

  • Open the YouTube TV from your smart TV.
  • Click “login” and wait for the screen to appear.
  • Write the code, which appears on the screen.
  • Go to the YouTube activation page and merge the code.
  • Put your e-mail ID and you are done.

Learn about YouTube TV creator benefit levels

Basically, quality content is interesting for everyone: creator, audience, and YouTube itself. A channel that is monetized, has many subscribers and many accesses, generates profit for the platform. Therefore, YouTube spares no effort to improve the quality of the videos shown within the site. But these benefits are released according to the level reached by the channel and there are several levels of producers.

Graphite level –

YouTube creators who have 01 to 1,000 subscribers. At this level, YouTube acts as a small school, providing content to educate content creators. The School of Content Creators is a teaching center with the first steps for those who are starting to create videos. The class themes explain how the creator can set up his channel, the importance of subscribers, branding and brand concepts, etc.

Opal level –

YouTube creators who have 1000 to 10,000 subscribers. YouTube content producers can participate in specific events, meet creators and other channels, and learn how to increase their channel’s followers and engage with their audience. At each event, YouTube prepares a different novelty. But there are always panel discussions with experts or major producers.

Bronze level –

To be classified as Bronze Level, creators need to have 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Bronze Level content producers can use YouTube Space studios and professional equipment to record videos and even organize events. For this, the channel needs to satisfy some requirements. YouTubers will be able to participate in Happy Hours, debates, workshops, etc. Is all this free? Yes.

Silver, Gold and Diamond Levels –

For the largest and most influential content producers on the platform, with more than 100,000 subscribers, YouTube reserves the Silver, Gold, and Diamond levels. For this very reason, these are the levels with the most benefits. Anyone who reaches one of these levels receives the long-awaited YouTube plaques. Plaques are a way for the platform to reward its creators for all the effort and dedication to the contents.

Want to become a successful YouTube content creator and social media influencer? Activate YouTube TV and start your journey.